Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Author:  Doug McCann
Forthcoming Book:  "So You're A Nice Guy and Want To Be In Business"

We all need encouragement.  On this first day back to school I thought the subject of this blog would be most fitting.  We likely all had at least one or two special teachers who made a real impact on our lives.  It may have been early in our years of education, maybe high school, or post secondary.  For that matter, it may well have a professor in Mr. Walter Zaroski - High School Marketing Teachercontinuing education, even a mentor.  For most of us, someone did or said something that not only resonated but embedded itself in our psyche.

For me, it was Mr. Walter Zaroski, my Marketing teacher in high school.  I must qualify that others have impacted me in many encouraging ways, especially my parents.  I recall having so many interests in my teen years and undecided what interest would take front and centre stage, but the spirit of entrepreneurship was always there.  I loved Marketing class.  I needed to take notes in most other classes, but in Marketing, I could just sit at my desk and listen. The principles, subject matter and such all seemed so amazing and just made sense.  Mr. Zaroski, not oblivious to my keen attention often had words of encouragement.  I recall one day in class in which he verbally encouraged me.  He did not say 'you can do this', but he said 'you will'.  I began to really believe in myself and thought that, well, just maybe, I 'can' do this!

Like everyone, I have had successes and failures, and happy to say I have learned from each.  So today, I send out a big shout-out to teachers, professors, instructors, mentors, and to anyone who has the opportunity to encourage, even one person, who will live to be empowered by such an encouraging and supportive boost.

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