Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Author:  Doug McCann
Forthcoming Book:  "So You're A Nice Guy and Want To Be In Business"

Value Reciprocated

Doug McCann - Author - Value Added - Nice Guy In BusinessIf you subscribe to retail and service oriented newsletters and e-mails, you likely are accustomed to such opening salutations, like, "Dear Valued Customer!", or "To Our Treasured Clientele".  No doubt the authors behind these letters are sincere.  Business does or it should value your loyalty!  As a business operator you must be always focusing on good customer service, and of course, part of this is letting them know you appreciate their patronage!

Most business operators focusing on incomparable customer and client service will try to put value in what they are offering - perhaps in the way of pricing, portion, guarantee, personal service and so on.  Going a bit above and beyond the usual, renders 'value-added' and generally ensures repeat business.  Without thinking about it, you may be hitting two birds with one stone and creating a win-win situation.  While you find value in your customers and ways to show it, your customers in the meantime are no doubt harbouring a high sense of value in you.

Think of the number of products and services over the time you have availed yourself to.  It could be the one clothing store from which you would ever buy a suit, or a restaurant that was just perfect in every way, or a dentist or hairdresser you trust.  You likely recall the disappointment you felt upon losing any of these places or services.  You as a consumer obviously considered these people most valuable.

Personal customer service is one handle to grab hold of tightly in competing in the business world.  As you strive to please your customer, you are building long term relationships resulting in perpetual repeat business.  Albert Einstein knew what he was saying when he advised, "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

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