Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Author:  Doug McCann
Forthcoming Book:  "So You're A Nice Guy and Want To Be In Business"

Twelve Rules Of CourtesyTwelve Rules Of Courtesy

I recall as a child often being reminded by my parents to remember my manners.  For example, if being given a ride to some destination, the last words before shutting the door, "Remember to say thank you!"  Just two simple words, but when used together speak volumes from the heart.  What great favours are lessons in manners and being led by example as taught by our parents, guardians, or even a mentor!  I believe it's so important to practice such good manners in every aspect of life and this includes business.  If you deal with numerous people every day, it's not difficult to imagine that your patience may be tested from time to time.  It wouldn't be hard to imagine loosing one's cool every now and then.  It's tough enough dealing with the overwhelming realities of competition, customer demand and the art of managing cash flow, budgets, human resources and any number of stressful aspects.  For the most part, and this is easier said than done, maintaining your cool, dignity and integrity saves the day - maybe even wins the day!  Although not intended to 'simplify' your day, I have found great value in following these twelve rules - rules I have been taught or simply learned along the way!

1.   Never ask anybody to do something you would not do yourself.
2.   Always play fair.
3.   Keep your integrity in check.
4.   Value yourself and your time.
5.   Do not cheat anyone.
6.   Put people at ease.
7.   Make people feel important.
8.   Avoid putting people on the defensive.
9.   Be genuinely interested in people and their lives.
10. Stand up and offer a firm handshake when meeting a new acquaintance.
11. Put interests of others in front of your own.
12. Say Thank You!

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