Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Author:  Doug McCann
Forthcoming Book:  "So You're A Nice Guy and Want To Be In Business"

No SaleToday I Said, "No."

This week's blog centres on taking control of your time, your resources and your expertise.  I only hope that the reader does not conclude that such callous feelings are in the air!  I've written from time to time about the importance of placing value on your time and your knowledge.  Whether you've been asked about providing advice, help or assistance on an outside project, or you've been asked to become fully engaged in a new project, you're likely ready to jump right in.  From the onset, you calculate, based on your expertise, that so much time and effort will be required.  You are confident and you agree to help, but somewhere along the way you've lost control.

The job may be more involved or more complex than from what first meets the surface.  Your client, albeit has his or her heart in the right place, finds need to make changes or add to existing plans.  It's easy to agree to the first couple of requests as they appear minor but suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed.  The work, either for charity or for hire is costing much more in time and resources than it may be worth and you discover the project is no where you expected to be!  I've been there because I didn't want to, or perhaps I didn't know how to say, "No."  I've even doubted myself at times as to how far I may actually have committed myself.  The proper thing to have done, and I have since written about, is to make sure everything is in writing.

If you are in business, you no doubt have a great passion for what you do.  It is so easy to 'exceed the need'!  The inability to take control can leave one vulnerable and susceptible to burn-out.

About two years ago the telephone call display rendered the name of a repeat client for whom I had, well, lost control in the past.  The client was and is a nice person, very well meaning and has a great community spirit, but I knew this would lead to another project in which I would somehow regret!.  On another day, I may have agreed to help making a mental note about having everything in writing.  On another day I may not have already had a full plate, but on this particular day, I'm afraid I played hooky and I said, "No", and guess what!  The world did not end.  The client was able to find an alternative service provider and I enjoyed a sigh of relief!!

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