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For February 19, 2018

Action Is The Gold Standard To Words
Out of Florida last week we received the tragic news of another mass shooting and in fact at another school.  People are shocked and angry.  They are disillusioned and confused as to how this keeps happening and why can't anything effective and meaningful, finally be done!  In light of such tragedy and in fact the terrible injustices of which we all become too much aware, our leaders and politicians seem to have a scripted response.  "We have to do better", "We are committed to working on solutions".  It all sounds like lip service and bordering on patronizing.  As a man of faith, the comment, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those touched by such tragedy" had better be sincere, and this would be a good place to start.  Meanwhile, there is the old cliche, "actions speak louder than words" and it should - it must stand for something!

U.S. students are attempting to organize a national school walk-out demanding change in legislation.

All too often in life we find it easy to complain about one thing or another, and we have the best intentions at the time when we find ourselves committed to doing something - anything!  Human nature as such, the 'feeling' to do something soon fades far away!  There is a quote from an anonymous source and it very much sums up how much more important action is over just plain words or thoughts!  " 'I must do something' will always solve more problems than 'Something must be done.' "