Doug McCann - Author - Nice Guy And Want To Be In BusinessAt 59 years of age, Doug McCann has lived the spirit of entrepreneurship!  From cutting lawns as a boy to retail, to serving as a mobile disc jockey, to the development of syndicated radio programs, and later retail, software development, digital media creation, and providing web related services like hosting, domain name management and web design, Doug had to learn the importance of balancing the 'nice guy' modus operandi with a more firm and stringent approach, not only for the sake of surviving in the ever competitive business world, but also for the ability to excel.

His business ventures have included a record and tape retail store, a mobile music entertainment company, the production of radio broadcast syndicated programming, the development of accessory software for broadcast radio automation including distribution and client support, a 10-year partnership in web design and hosting, over 15 years in computer consulting and since 2011, a multi-media production company.

Parallel to endeavouring in a life of sales and production, Doug has over 25 years of history in radio broadcasting itself.  Today, he presently is serving as a Municipal Town Councillor in the Town of Parry Sound, Ontario.

Born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1958 he graduated from grade 13 in 1977 and pursued a career in radio while studying several business courses at Cambrian College.  Out of interest or for necessity Doug continued studying on the subjects of sociology, digital production and software tools and applications and very recently municipal related training in regards to public service.

His career in radio took him to Sudbury, Orillia, Ottawa, Peterborough and Parry Sound.

In each self employed endeavour Doug would learn and gain such skills as supervision over advertising sales, programming and staff.  Managing staff and inventory to move forward, gaining skills in accounting, resource management and some product development.

One such product was the creation of software to aid temp offices in managing their work loads and employees earnings and client billings.  This was possible by developing skills in observing and analyzing office procedures.

Doug and his wife Josey reside in Parry Sound, Ontario.

Doug has been happy and honoured to serve in the community in various capacities.  One of his greatest and proudest involvements was his connection to Big Brothers and Sisters of Parry Sound Area, Inc. for which he served two terms as President in addition to sitting on other chairs in his 20 years with the organization.  This included successful fundraising projects and recruitment drives.

Under Public Relations, Doug served as media spokesperson for a committee attempting to build a bridge over the Ottawa River in the Pontiac Region.

Under the umbrella of McCann & Cambrian E-Media Services, Doug operates a production company called, AirFlight Creative.  The company produces audio and video projects.  This new company is being marketed to broadcast radio stations across Canada and the United States to serve as an on line radio production company.  Several projects in which Doug worked with the community was producing a short video documentary on a local curling fund raiser initiative in support of our veterans in need of help upon returning from war.  This video was recently presented at an annual curling convention with hopes of encouraging clubs across Canada to become involved.

From December of 2014 to January of 2017 Doug served as Chairman on a local ad-hoc committee, the "Victory School Commemorative Committee" formed to create a commemorative book and DVD set celebrating the oldest school in Parry Sound.  The school closed its doors in June of 2015 after being a huge part of the community for 97 years.

The writing of this book is an exciting and challenging goal for Doug, and he is looking forward to sharing the stories, anecdotes, life's lessons, tales of common sense and more with a release later in 2018.