Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Author:  Doug McCann
Forthcoming Book:  "So You're A Nice Guy and Want To Be In Business"

Chain Reaction

Doug McCann - Author - Chain Reaction - No Man Is An IslandJohn Donne, an early seventeenth century English poet, hypothesized in 'Meditation XVII' of "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions" on the words, 'No Man is An Island'.  Donne described the reliance each man has on one and another and that no one is self-sufficient. Beyond the scope of this theory, I like to believe that each of us can claim no immunity to the fact that what we are and what we do affects those around us.  Without realizing, every day we set into motion a chain reaction of events affecting those around us.  Members of our family, friends, co-workers, even strangers are affected in ways we may never know.

Whether we exercise kindness, empathy, sharing, appreciation or aggressiveness, hostility, aggressive and belligerency, to any degree, from the most subtle to an 'in your face' mannerism, we can be sure to have a profound effect and impact on those around us.  How and what we say, or write, the way in which we respond to one another can make or break the moment or even the day.

Moving from a one-on-one situation, I would suggest that we also play a role on a much broader base.  Consider the influence we have by the examples we set and live witnessed by our community at large, the organizations to which we belong, at our churches and schools, and places of employment.  Our actions, the examples we demonstrate, our values we live up to and defend, our kindness or lack of, all speak volumes to those in our midst.  I like to think that a good life lived has a remarkable influence in our community and as such becomes a legacy in many forms including that of a role model.

How often do you hear the argument, “It’s my life, I’m not hurting anyone.”?  Yet one’s decisions and choices, even on the most subtle ways and means, will put into motion, a chain of action or reaction.  What we choose to listen or to watch influences the advertising industry which in turn influences our society.  
I believe that one of the most significant attributes of self-employment is centred on your people and interpersonal skills.  Your interaction or relationship with your customers can make or break a bond of trust and loyalty.

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