Doug McCann - AuthorWho hasn't heard someone say, "He was a nice guy but a rotten businessman"?  This book is intended to help individuals balance diplomacy with customer needs and expectations.  The book is not really about business principles so much as in how to incorporate them into the business owner's modus operandi, and balancing the 'nice guy - good guy' character makeup with customer and clientele demands.  I have made the mistake and I've seen others do the same by being afraid to offend people, tend to undervalue their time and work and avoid 'asking for the money'.

The book is timely as becoming self-employed is more popular today than ever.  Whether by choice or necessity Statistics Canada reports that the number of self-employed individuals has increased by 65% since 1986.  Just over 2.72 million people are running their own business, and that means 2.72 million personalities and characters each with their own identity and mannerism.

The prospect of being self-employed grows stronger because unlike the job market of 20 to 30+ years ago when most people expected to hold down a job for 20 years, many people on the job, especially younger workers, live with the knowledge and awareness that he or she could be laid off at any time.  This means there is a huge work force always looking for alternative career aspirations.